Launching Apple’s 5G iPhone is top priority, Qualcomm president says

Qualcomm and Apple are working on developing and launching a new 5G iPhone as soon as possible, stated Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon at the company’s tech summit that took place this week:

“Priority number one of this relationship with Apple is how to launch their phone as fast as we can.”

Goal of the partnership

The aim of the partnership between the two tech companies is to manage to launch the new iPhone on time. Rumors hint that we are going to be introduced to the new 5G capable iPhone in the fall of  2020.

The rush towards implementing 5G technology might come with a price: Amon said that, even though the first 5G compatible iPhone will be utilizing Qualcomm modems, it might not pack the entire RF front end of Qualcomm. The RF front end consists of the circuitry between parts like antennas and receiver, thus being a crucial part in the process of amplifying signal coming from different networks.

According to PCMag, Qualcomm refers to their newest Snapdragon modem chip as a “modern-RF system”, which reveals that Snapdragon chips are essential in high performance applications like the new iPhone.

Apple hardware

However, there is a great chance to see Apple using their custom technology and parts alongside modems from Qualcomm in the production of the following iPhone. They did such mixes before, often with great results, so fans of the company should not be worried at all.

Apple are somewhat conditioned by Qualcomm, because their millimeter wave antenna modules are the only components that are compatible with 5G networks from providers like AT&T or Verizon, which makes the ties between the two giants even stronger.

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