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League of Legends Patch 10.8 Notes: What Happens to the Bot Late?

The 10.8 Patch for League of Legends can be pretty important for the meta on the bot lane. The latest update coming from MOBA has many changes for the role’s strongest champions, like Varus, Senna, Aphelios, and Kalista. But what about the other lanes?

The bot lane meta could be changed

7 ADC and one support have been targeted for changes in Patch 10.8. All of these changes are not insignificant, and they could have drastic effects on the way that the bot lane is played. Aphelios, Varus, Senna, and Kalista have all been nerfed. The ADCs are casual, pro play, and ranked. But the nerfs, with their damage across the board in 10.8, won’t really be a blind pick.

Ashe, Xayah, and Tristana should make their appearance again after they’ve been buffed in their place. The extra damage on E of Tristana, and Ashe’s Q, with the boost of attack speed, should get huge changes, which may put both of the champions to the top of their list. Soraka was also buffed. She was having mana problems since she got back to the bot lane, but they were all solved in Patch 10.8. she has reduced costs on Q, and an increase to the base mana pool, so we might see more of the Starchild in support.

Solo XP changes at high risk

When it comes to dying early in the game, we know that it’s not a big deal when it comes to jungle. Unless you get solo-killed, as that might be a problem. Changes to solo and shared XP will actually come in handy for players who outplay their opponents individually early in the game. The solo kills are worth about 20% more XP between the 1 and 6 levels, while the shared kill XP is down by 20%. When it comes to the 7-8 levels, they are worth about 10%.



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