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League Of Legends Won’t Launch On Mac – 3 Fixing Methods

Are you unable to open League of Legends on your Mac? If so, we are here to show you a workaround.

League of Legends is one of the most played video games available, and it runs on both Windows and Mac computers.

Unfortunately, some Mac users have reported a persistent error that causes the game to crash on startup, making it unplayable.

Thankfully, we are here to show you how to fix that properly.

Method #1

There are various reasons why the game keeps crashing.

One of the most common is the user’s internet connection – Make sure that your internet connection is suitable for League of Legends. If your relationship is unstable, the game might not launch at all. If you manage to solve your internet connection problem, make sure that you restart the computer before relaunching it.

Method #2

Another possible way of fixing the issue is running the game in RiotMacContainer.

To do that, go to Finder -> Select -> right-click on League of Legends -> Show package contents -> macOS -> Riot MacContainer and then close the game.

Relaunch the game and see if it works as it should.

Method #3

The final method on this list is removing the game’s lock file.

To do that, go to Finder -> Applications -> League of Legends, right-click it -> Show package contents -> find the game’s folder and click on it -> remove the lock file and relaunch the game.

That should fix the problem.

If neither of the methods fixed the problem, then the problem is most likely from your system, in which case you can take your Mac computer to a specialized service for diagnose/troubleshoot.



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