Samsung Galaxy S11 Design Leaked, And It Left Us Speechless

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is one of the most anticipated flagship devices of the following year, and over the past few weeks, many leaks have surfaced, including some possibly game-changing upgrades. However, the latest leak showcases precisely what everybody wants to see: the styling of the device.

The leak

Samsung insider, commonly known as Ice Universe, has just revealed the “final version” of the display of Samsung’s next flagship after he obtained a cover purposed as a reference for accessory makers to design and produce screen protectors. Surprisingly, it depicts a phone which has almost no bezels at all. 

The downside

The downside of the “final version” reveal is the fact that it confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will still feature a hole punch for the camera module. Nevertheless, they managed to center the camera (and therefore making it more aesthetically pleasing) while also shrinking it to a minimal size to improve space management and increase screen size.

Even though hole-punch displays are far from ideal, the only elegant alternative to this would be pop-up cameras, used by some rivals of Samsung. Unfortunately, while they seem more convenient at first, they might prove to be unreliable as time passes, primarily because of the delicate mechanisms that they use and the precise – moving servomotors used to pop up the cameras.


In addition to the impressive screen – to – body ratio, it’s notable that the display of the new Galaxy S11 will run at a sharp 120Hz and also feature an embedded fingerprint sensor for added convenience.

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