Leaked Video Shows Us A Preview Of The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

We are living at the beginning of the era of foldable smartphones. The likes of the Huawei Mate X or the Samsung Galaxy Fold took the market by surprise with technology previously unseen.

Samsung saw significant potential in the foldable smartphone market and began investing, researching, and developing new technologies.  

The new model

Samsung’s following folding phone will most likely be announced this month, and a video that looks like a hands-on demo was posted online recently.  

Ben Geskin was the leaker behind the video. He posted the video of the alleged Galaxy Z Flip on Twitter.

Even though the video doesn’t show more than what was already presented in leaked renders and photos, it is a definite confirmation of the design of the upcoming foldable smartphone from the South Korean smartphone manufacturer.

Materials and build quality

It is believed that the phone uses a new form of “ultra-thin glass” from Samsung. The phone looks durable, ready to fold thousands of times while also having a sleek appearance. It will be more natural to fit inside a pocket than every single regular-sized smartphone available. 

The only smartphone that can achieve such performance is the upcoming Motorola Razr.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a direct response to the Motorola Razr: They share many similar traits (and their design is the most obvious one). However, both phones have their own personality, starting from the looks to the specifications and operating system.  

Here is the leaked video:


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