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Leaker Reveals The Price Of The Next Generation of Consoles

Microsoft and Sony have tried their best to keep the prices of the next generation of consoles a secret, as each company hoped that the other one would be the first to reveal them to the public.

It appears that their plans have been ruined by a leaker who argues that the information comes from safe sources that will not be disclosed. However, it is worth noting that the same leaker has been criticized in the past after the leaks failed to materialize.

Xbox before PlayStation

According to the leaker, the Xbox Series S will the first console unveiled by Microsoft during an event that is scheduled for November 5. The Xbox Seris X will be showcased during the main event that will take on place on November 6, and the two dates match a different leak related to an Xbox Series controller warranty.

Sony has also opted for November as the launch month, but it will release both PS5 models on the same day, on November 13.  A similar source mentioned that the two consoles would be released in Japan on November 14, with a global release coming on November 20.

Possible prices

The timeline suggested by the leaker would allow Microsoft to enjoy a one week advantage, but more time is needed to convince undecided buyers. If the prices are real, the Redmond giant has a great advantage against Sony.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 will be accompanied by a $499/€499 price tag. Sony will sell the PlayStation Digital Edition at a lower price of S$399/€399 while Xbox Series S will be the most affordable of the group, at a price of US$299/€299. The low entry free coupled with convenient Xbox Game Pass Ultimate could make the Series S a hit for Microsoft. As in the case of all rumors and leaks, the information should be taken with a grain of salt.



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