Leaks hint that Apex Legend will receive a 3rd person mode update

Freshly surfaced leaks show that a third-person mode for Apex Legends is in the works.

No more FPS?

Ever since launch, Apex Legends was a strictly first-person shooter with the mechanics and weapons mostly based on Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall series.

However, rival battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite both feature third-person modes ( with Fortnite being exclusively third-person). It seems like Respawn might be taking notes and borrowing features.

Third-person mode was first spotted because of a peculiar easter egg in the firing range (training area), where some players managed to send the camera way back behind the player model by simply doing some apparently random steps.

Early reactions

When the feature (or more likely the easter egg) was first discovered, few people thought that it was more than a funny and random easter egg added late into production by developers. However, the conspicuously advanced level of detail that was put into development obviously shows that the seemingly random easter egg might have an actual greater purpose.

Data mining to the rescue

That1MiningGuy, famous Apex Legends data miner revealed some game files that prove the fact that an official third person mode is on its way. The first hint consists of an Opt in / Opt out selector, alongside plenty of changes to the third person effects.

“Imagine that’s for when they add third-person as a playable mode, or maybe we’ll be able to play on more than 1 map? who knows! 6) Tons of changes to third person effects (seems likely we’ll have a third-person playlist or LTM soon) 7) Addition of environment effects on” – tweet from That1MiningGuy.

The introduction of a third-person mode would be a massive change for the game and, if it will be implemented properly, will likely make gamers want more of it (and potentially see it as a permanent feature). However, Respawn refused to keep any of these LTM’s permanent, unfortunately, even though both of them were extremely popular among players.

One of the reasons why developers might avoid to introduce a 3rd person mode is the fact that it requires a total change-up of playstile for many players and it might prove difficult to be kept as buttery-smooth as the first-person mechanics previously provided by Respawn.

Release date

There is no official date (or any sort of hint) regarding the release date of the new third-person mode (obviously because it hasn’t even been confirmed by the developers yet), but we can safely assume that another limited-time mode (LTM) will be introduced alongside Season 3.

Even though there are usually only one or two LTM’s every season, the next season was delayed until early February, meaning that a potential third LTM could be released to fill the gap between then. The current season surprisingly featured a total of three LTM’s so far.

Readers should take all of the presented information with a grain of salt, because all of it is based on leaks, speculations and perhaps personal preferences from gamers all around the world. One thing is certain: Respawn always cared about their fans and supporters and they never disappointed before (even though some of their games had certain mishaps, they always managed to make everybody happy with their creation in the end).

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