Leaks Suggest That An AMD Mini-PC With Zen 3 Ryzen Desktop-Like CPU And Capable Big Navi GPU Will Soon Be Released!

New AMD Mini-PC With Zen 3 Ryzen CPU on the Way

Mini PCs with AMD processors aren’t as ordinary as Intel’s NUC devices. However, a new generation of updated and more efficient mini-PCs based on AMD’s Zen 3 – powered CPU and the Big Navi GPU might be under development at the moment.

After introducing the Project Quantum PC in 2015, a recently published patent suggests that AMD is still developing.

AMD’s Project Quantum PC looks alive! Though we weren’t presented with any updates regarding the powerful mini-PCs powered by AMD’s CPUs, the company didn’t ditch the project. It looks like technical limitations provoked by the architecture had withheld AMD. Still, the ZEN 3 Architecture might allow powerful and highly efficient AMD processors and the recently introduced Big Navi GPUs to make their way inside a lineup of impressive mini PCs.

Here is an extract from the patent:

Here’s a detailed render:

Making Mini PCs The Norm?

Back in 2015, AMD aimed to enter the world of VR. The company then designed a custom-cooled Quantum mini computer and then built a prototype. However, the odd part is that AMD never planned to sell the Quantum PC, mainly because the former processor technology was limited.

AMD’s technology has come a long way, and it has a lot of potentials. All of the company’s improvements translate to the possibility of creating the ultimate Mini PC that might become a huge commercial success.

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