Legends of Runeterra 01.13.009 Update Comes With Fresh Content

Created by the mind behind the world-famous League of Legends MOBA, Legends of Runeterra offers an exciting gameplay experience that reinvents the digital collectible card games and adds an array of exciting features that have captured the minds of millions of people from all over the world.

Pick your favorite Champion and choose companion cards from several regions to craft the ultimate deck. Wage battle in duels against players from all over the world. Are you prepared to become the ultimate Champion of Runeterra?

Legendary lore

Legends of Runeterra encapsulates the lore of League of Legends in a fun form, offering renowned Champions among which we can count Jinx, Miss Fortune, Lux, Garen, Vladimir, and many more. Champions are divided into eight groups based on eight regions, including Demacia, Noxus, and Ionia.

As players enjoy the game, they will uncover new regions of Runeterra, as well as hidden links between the citizens, creatures, and secrets that can be found inside them. A vast array of supporting cards will make your Champion even better during matches, and smart moves will pave the wave towards victory.

Dynamic gameplay

Champions and cards are essential, but skill is a must if you want to succeed. Develop a smart strategy that can be used to tackle a large number of enemies and adapt your plan to each enemy since some players may be better than others.

Every region featured in the game comes with a new playstyle challenge and specific features that will encourage players to think differently. Combine cards from two regions to create a hybrid deck that can confuse rivals and offers an edge thanks to interesting synergies between different cards.  Play every day to improve the chests found in the Vault and receive awesome rewards!

The 01.13.009 patch comes with the Star Power Lab, fresh K/DA Spell Cards, a free and a paid reward path as well as new customization items.

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