LG Might Release A Rollable Smartphone In 2021

As the smartphone market seems to have reached a saturation point, manufacturers are attempting to release devices with unusual features with the hope to attract more customers. The first wave of foldable smartphones has been well-received by some reviewers and customers but failed to spark a trend.

According to new leaks, it seems that LG is also working on an unusual smartphone. While some wondered by the company did not announce or release a foldable smartphone by now, it seems that the company has been working on impressive technology, as a rollable LG smartphone could reach the market in 2021.

Roll with me

The first hints related to a rollable smartphone surfaced in August 2019 when relevant patents were observed and discussed by several technology news outlets, sparking the interest of some potential fans. A few renders were created and shared online, showing what seemed to be an impressive device.

A new report shared by a Korean source mentions that LG argues that LG is hard at work on the rollable smartphone, which is being developed under the codename of Project B, which should be ready for launch during Q1 2021.

An interesting strategy

Many expected that the panel for the device would be manufactured by LG Display, which is an LG subsidiary known for high-quality panels. However, it seems that LG decided to use panels manufactured by BOE, with prototype devices already being produced at one of LG’s factory.

Project B appears to be an attempt to reinforce the company’s reputation as one of the innovative competitors in the smartphone market place. It will also play an important role in the consolidation of the brand as one that strives to develop futuristic devices and new technologies which aim to deliver an impressive experience.

A horizontal smartphone should also be released by LG at some point this year, but there is little to no information about it.


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