LG Velvet Presented in a Video – Features and More

LG has recently released the presentation video for its upcoming model, the LG Velvet. The new model is slightly different from the other smartphones released by LG. the company’s primary focus is to create a unique and aesthetic design for its gadget.

The company has posted on its official blog that today’s smartphones can nowadays be distinguished through technical details alone and their design becomes more and more alike. Therefore, the company has decided to set itself apart from the competition by implementing a device simple, yet elegant, having an appearance second to none.

The upcoming LG Velvet features a “Raindrop” camera, as well as an asymmetrical form factor that creates a pleasing user experience. The 3D arc design presents a smooth appearance where the sides of the device are made of glass.

More details on LG Velvet

The camera setup provides a sleek design, not following the matrix samples from other smartphone companies. The backside of the phone comes in various colors, opting for a gradient appearance. There is not much to tell about the hardware part of the device since no official declaration has been posted until now.

At the end of the video, there is an indication stating that the phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 765 processor. In addition to this, the LG Velvet supports the 5G technology. Recent leaks are stating that the LG Velvet release should be around the 15th of May, up until now, there has been no official declaration neither regarding the scheduled date or the pricing range.

The company announced that the upcoming devices would not be named after numerical factors. Their rebranding strategy is focusing on stating in the name the most impressive characteristics in that gadget. This time, they are opting for LG Velvet, since the strong points of the phone are represented by “lustrous smoothness and premium softness.”

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