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Lineage 2: Revolution 1.20.26 Update Includes EDM Festival And Other Changes

There are lots of single-player or multiplayer games that have been released for smartphones over the years. Still, few have managed to capture the immersive experience provided by a hardcore MMORPG video game. Lineage 2 Revolution is one of them as it packs many of the features that made the original PC version a hit while exclusive content is also present.

Lineage 2: Revolution offers a fabulous in-game world crafted with the help of the mighty Unreal Engine 4.  Complete quests, battle fearsome world bosses, and showcase your skill in expansive PvP battle against other players.


Explore a beautifully-render open-world setting filled with impressive vistas and lots of content. Complete a saga of quests spanning 18 chapters and rise from humble beginnings to become a hero in the battle against the Dark Brotherhood and its evil plans. Challenge powerful world bosses and defeat great enemies in Raids.

Want to showcase your skills against other warriors? Join free-for-all PvP matches or fight as a team in 50-vs-50 Fortress Siege matches where a great strategy, teamwork, and communication between players will pave the way towards victory.

Something for everyone

Players can pick between 4 races, each with their traits, which make them better for specific roles. Three base classes are available at the start of the game, as players can pick between Warrior, Rogue, and Mystic. Earn enough levels, and you will gain access to advanced classes, which vary based on the race and starting class that was selected during character creation.

Specialized classes come with impressive skills, and that will make a difference in battle and offer lots of ways to customize your experience as you level up. Collect powerful gear by defeating foes and completing missions to make your character even better.

The 1.20.26 update comes with a massive EDM festival, a new level cap, and a new territory filled with fresh challenges.



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