Logitech G923 Racing Wheel Comes With A More Realistic Experience

Racing video games remain quite popular among players from all over the world. While most prefer to enjoy these titles with a controller or a keyboard, hardcore fans know that the experience is considerably better with the help of a high-quality racing wheel.

Logitech has announced its first racing wheel since 2015. The impressive accessory, which is called G923, will be released later this month along with a $399 price tag and is compatible with PCs, Xbox One and PS4.

Similar looks, new tricks

Fans of Logitech racing wheels will be quick to notice That the new model shares many design elements with the GG29 and G920. One of the most interesting additions is represented by a new force feedback system which is called True Force.

According to Logitech, the system is able to deliver feedback, which is more realistic by using in-depth integrations with the physics and audio engines that power a video game. For example, the new system will be able to take into account the level of noise generated by the engine of a car and convert it into vibrations disseminated in the wheel

Fine-tuned vibrations

In comparison to previous force-feedback implementation, the new system will provide a generous number of inputs, which means that it will be able to vibrate during the entire race. Users will be able to feel a change in intensity as they accelerate or the interactions between the car and the road as they drive.

Video games compatible with the new racing wheel have to integrate and SDK provided by Logitech to make use of the improved force-feedback system. Logitech has mentioned that Grid, Asseto Corsa Competizione, and Grand Turismo are already compatible, and new titles will add support in the future.

Racing video games are more popular than ever, and it is likely that the 293 will be a hit among fans.

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