Lords Mobile Update 2.26 Brings Daily Quests

Mobile games have been a hit since the old days when classic LCD screens allowed players to enjoy immortal titles like Snake while they were waiting in line or commuting to work. Advancement in technology has brought mobile games to a new dimension, and there are many titles on the market.

Lords Mobile is a hit strategy title that is enjoyed by millions of smartphone and tablet owners from all over the world as it offers exciting gameplay and a large number of features that have made it a hit.

Interesting lore

Unlike most mobile games, Lords Mobile comes with an interesting plot. The unexpected death of the Emperor has plunged the in-game world into chaos as the Lords of the empire failed to reach a common point, and civil was were sparked.

Players who accept the mantle of Lord will have to take good care of their village and help it to grow into a powerful kingdom that can strike fear into the heart of rival Lords. Some may want to steal your resources, and it’s up to you to prevent such attacks and keep your kingdom safe.

Lots of features

Enter the fray and wage battle against dangerous monsters, mighty foes, and rival players to keep your kingdom and resources safe from the greedy hands. Assemble a powerful army with four different troop types and six different troop formations, each with their own advantages in certain situations.

Bring up to five unique Heroes together into a powerful team and enjoy a fully-featured RPG campaign with interesting missions, fiendish challenges, and exciting rewards. There is strength in numbers, so feel free to create or join a guild of friendly Lords and be a part of Guild Wars, Wonder Wars, and other exciting PVP content.

The latest update, 2.26, comes with new daily missions, a Darknest upgrade, and better rewards for the Guild Bash event.

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