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Luna is the Newest Cloud Gaming Service Launched by Amazon

Amazon recently launched its newest cloud gaming service, dubbed Luna. All the platform’s features are now available.

Over the last years, Amazon succeeded in extending its platform to fantastic new horizons. Amazon has developed different other outlets for its Prime users, in addition to online shopping. We now have free e-books, video streaming, grocery shopping, and music streaming. 

And the company doesn’t seem to stop here. Luna is the most recent offering from Amazon, and we can’t wait for it to get unleashed. Here is what you need to know.

Amazon Luna’s Official Launch Details

For quite some time now, Amazon and gaming have gone hand in hand flawlessly. More and more users have been using Amazon and other online retail outlets to buy games. For instance, Super Mario 3D All-Stars sold out on Amazon only one week after its initial launch. 

But now, we can enjoy many video games via Amazon without actually having to purchase physical copies. Such a thing has changed a lot in the gaming industry.

Recently, during its hardware event, Amazon announced the arrival of a cloud gaming service dubbed Luna. The service will be similar to Google Stadia. It will offer players a big library of games to stream for a monthly plan. The exact price tag of a subscription starts at $5.99/month.

Even if an official release date wasn’t unveiled, Amazon did tell what the platform will include. 

Luna’s Library and Other Features 

Amazon Luna will include Resident Evil 7, Control, and Abzu, among many others. Such a thing is incredibly contrasting to Google Stadia, which arrived with only a little over 20 games. 

Luna will also come with a sleek Alexa integrated controller, available for $49.99, and a Twitch integration, too. 

Watching Twitch videos of gamers playing certain games will give users an idea of what the game will be like before playing it. 

Currently, Amazon Luna is in development.



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