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Mafia 4 Might Come Out As Hangar 13 Announced A New Game

We all remember Mafia 3, one of the most underrated games, unfortunately, by our actual generation. When Mafia 3 first came out, it presented a series of technical issues and boring mission designs.

Besides these kinds of problems, the game is right on the narrative part, soundtracks, and storytelling. So now, Hangar 13 is revealing in a few months their new game, probably Mafia 4. Hangar 13 is owned by 2K, which has Take-Two Interactive as the parent company. The announcement is official and straight from Hangar 13 that in a few months, we will see a new game.

The idea of having a new Mafia game, the fourth installment, came from the many rumors. If this is for real, maybe the developers have done a better job with the new game. We could finally say that we have a great game and be appreciated. But things are not always as they seem.

Hangar 13 Announced A New Game, And It Might Be Mafia 4

Other rumors are suggesting that Hangar 13 is not working on what we are thinking but on a new IP. If we have to place the bets, we are betting on the next installment from the Mafia franchise, the fourth one. Even if Mafia 3 wasn’t enormously appreciated, the game still sold well. So, you can’t stop a fan/player for buying a game despite the critics. If you don’t know many things about the developers and the game, we will give you a short recap.

Hangar 13 is part of the 2K studios from 2014, and their first and last game was Mafia 3. The title was released in 2016 and is an action-adventure game for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The story from the game is about Lincoln Clay, our criminal character who plans to revenge on the Italian mob with a new crime organization.

The action is for a single-player story and happens in a fictional city called New Bordeaux, created after New Orleans. In conclusion, based on Hangar 13 statement, the wait for the new game will not be long, and we hope that we will see and talk about Mafia 4.



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