Marvel Unlimited Update 6.7.0 Adds New Performance Enhancements

We live in the golden age of streaming as many users prefer to listen to their favorite music or watch the newest TV shows, movies, or series on a variety of electronic devices. Comics remain a popular source of entertainment, and Marvel brings a wide selection of its 80-years-strong catalog with Marvel Unlimited, directly on your device.

Marvel Unlimited comes with a wealth comics that star your favorite heroes from the Marvel Universe, which have been featured in many TV shows, movies, video games, and much more, along with the emblematic stories that have inspired them.

Star-studded cast

Want to learn more about Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and many of your favorite superheroes? Gain accretion to the ultimate collection of comics, which star all of them and many more iconic characters in a fun and convenient manner.

The catalog of comics can be quite intimidating at first sight, especially since there are so many interesting titles that can be found and read. Dedicated reading lists will take you on thematic trips that showcase some of the best storylines of the Marvel Universe and beyond, including the Civil War, Infinity War, and even Star Wars.

Straight to mobile

The Marvel Unlimited app has been designed from the ground up to deliver the ultimate experience for any comic lover, whether they are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer who want s to explore the backstories of beloved or infamous characters.

More than 27,000 Marvel comics are available within the app, and up to 12 can be downloaded on the device and enjoyed even when you don’t have access to an internet connection. The app will also offer customized recommendations based on the titles your read. It can be installed and enjoyed across several devices as reading progress is synced.

The 6.7.0 update comes to new performance improvements and bug fixes, which enhance the user experience.

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