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Mass Effect Remaster New Launch Date Details: What to Expect

News about the Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy’s launch is out now.

The upcoming game has received a rating in South Korea, and it looks like it was finally confirmed. All we have to do is wait for an official announcement from EA about the game’s release date and availability. 

Speculations that EA was getting ready to introduce a new Mass Effect installment to next-gen consoles have been doing rounds online for months. It started when the game studio unveiled that it would bring an HD remaster of an untitled game series by the end of this year.

And those speculations got more serious recently when a listing of the game was leaked. Here is what you need to know. 

Mass Effect Remaster is Almost Here: New Details

A listing for Mass Effect Legendary Edition was published on October 14 by the South Korean Game Rating and Administrative Committee. 

Such a thing confirms what some of us have been hoping for so long: a Mass Effect Remaster launch!

However, before we get too excited, the developers still need to announce the game officially, and N7 seems like the right moment.

N7 Day

N7 Day is on November 7 and celebrates the praised Mass Effect franchise. And it’s also the day for Electronic Arts and Bioware to drop some hints at the upcoming game’s arrival. 

Previous Mass Effect entries were announced, too, via the N7 Day. The developers released, as well, merchandise and the promo sales on DLC. 

So, a big announcement on N7 Day is so obvious for us fans. Also, it would be wonderful to see how tradition is still relevant. 

Furthermore, the Mass Effect Remaster would most likely come with the trilogy’s three games with all of Bioware’s DLC stuff and graphical enhancements, too. 

The Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy is currently in development.



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