Massive PS5 Leak Might Have Just Been Confirmed By Sony

While we all know that the PS5 will be available for purchase before the Winter Holidays 2020, what if Sony is planning to build upon all the hype with an event during which it will unveil the next-gen console?

A few days ago, there was a massive leak about Sony’s reveal of its PS5 on February 5th, which should also be the date of preorders. In this leak, there were some details about the PS5’s backward compatibility features, but also included the expected price for the incoming Xbox Series X. While nobody was able to confirm these details in the leak, the latest accidental announcement we spotted on PlayStation Europe’s tweet sort of confirms the details about the PS5 unveil.

PlayStation to Be Unveiled In Less than a Month

Every detail revealed on the 4chan board with the leak we mentioned above has disappeared, but look at Sony’s small move on its Twitter account for Europe and tell us what you think:

Did you notice the “It’s time to play” motto? Previously, according to a GameBolt report, the Twitter account wrote: “For the Players” or “Best Place to Play.”

PS5 to Come With “Blazing Fast Downloads, Disc Drive Included, Immersive Controls” And More

That exact motto appeared in the leak on 4chan, and so far, Sony hasn’t used it in any of its official marketing materials. According to the 4chan leaker, here will be the talking points at the PS5 launch:

Buzz words for the console’s features include ‘little to no load times,’ ‘blazing-fast downloads,’ ‘immersive controls,’ ‘modular installs for games, download whatever,’ ‘disc drive included,’ and ‘download the games, or stream the games as an option.’”

While nothing is official, the new motto on Sony’s Europe Twitter account confirms part of the 4chan leak. Is it a coincidence? We think it’s highly unlikely. Considering that if the February 5th PlayStation Meeting event is going to take place then, Sony would have to invite the press and include some information in those invitations, which means the 4chan anonymous leaker has some of those juicy details.

Expect to learn more about the PS5 in the coming days, so check back on our PlayStation page for more news and updates.

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