Maximize Clash of Clans Clan Games rewards by using this guide

Clan Games were introduced by the December 2017 update, allowing players who have reached Town Hall Level 6 or higher to complete and earn valuable rewards.

Most Clan Games are quite short, lasting for seven days or less. Within this timeframe clan members can earn points for their clan by fulfilling a selection of Clan Challenges. Use this guide to gain an edge over the competition and maximize the rewards received by your clan.

Clan Challenges

Clan Challenges are only available during Clan Games and can be activated by any clan member. Upon activation, players will have a fixed amount of time to complete the task and earn points. The difficulty can vary from easy to hard.


Each challenge will award points for completing the required tasks. As clans earn more points, they can progress through the ladder towards higher tiers. Each tier will specific rewards which can be unlocked progressively.

These tips will help you to optimize your clan:

More players

Add more players to your clan, especially if the current population is quite low.

Remove uninterested players

This may sound a bit harsh but removing inactive or uninterested players will allow you to replace them with more competitive ones, which is a great boon for the clan in the long run.

Establish goals

Set a target for your players and motivate them to complete the tasks and earn points.  Each player can contribute up to 5,000 points, but the task will seem to be less daunting if you start with a lower number as a basic requirement for everyone. Feel free to change the target after the current one is achieved.

Don’t reject too many challenges

Each rejected challenge will add a 10 minutes timer which doesn’t allow other players to select new challenges until the time passes. Try to reject challenges which seem to be overly complicated but don’t do it when most of the clan members tend to be active.

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