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Messenger Rooms Just Got Upgraded: New Features and Improvements

Facebook rolled out a series of new features and improvements to Messenger Rooms. The latest update comes in help to the service, turning it into a better rival of Zoom. 

While we can already enjoy the Messenger’s fantastic AR effects, such as mood lighting filters and immersive 360-degree backgrounds in Rooms, Facebook is giving us even more ways to customize our video chats and rooms on mobile. 

Facebook allows us, too, to personalize our backgrounds, adding a more personal touch. Here is what you need to know.

New Messenger Rooms Upgrade: Create, Join, and Manage Everything You Want

In addition to the latest customization features, Facebook brings a new and straightforward way for you to discover and create Rooms in your Messenger mobile app. With this update, Rooms that you have been invited to will now be available at the top of the chats tab, right in your inbox. You’ll even be able to create new Rooms within that tab. 

The social media giant is also making it easier for you to manage Rooms within Messengers. You can now explore, join, and customize any of the Rooms you have made. And if you want to invite more contacts to a scheduled room or delete a Room, you no longer wish to be active, you can do it thanks to the new update.

The best part, Rooms can now be shared by only sending out notifications to be sure that invited contacts don’t miss a thing. 

After releasing video calling to Messenger back in 2015, it’s somehow apparent that Facebook has extended on this feature by introducing video conferencing to its mobile chat app with Messenger Rooms. 

So far, Messenger Rooms has proved to be a fierce rival to Zoom and a reliable app. Many users enjoy every day lots of features and other sleek functionalities. 



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