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Microsoft And GameStop’s Possibly Permanent Next-Gen Payment System

As the prices of next-gen consoles will remain high because of the ongoing pandemic, but a new primary choice might help consumers benefit from some extra flexibility on their purchases.


It’s no surprise that both the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 preorder launches weren’t massive hits.

The gaming community is exceptionally divided – Some are agonizing over bots and refresh buttons. Others did not even bother because of the price that isn’t too reasonable given the fact that we are going through tough financial times.

Both high-end versions of the next-gen consoles (PS5 and Series X) will set you back $499.99, but only the former currently is available with a flexible payment option. GameStop is working on three various payment options, including layaway and monthly payments. On top of that, the return of Microsoft’s economic All Access program allows customers to pick a payment plan that suits them.

There would be an option to pick up a next-gen Xbox of choice bundled with Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly payment over two years. The service allows members to cross-platform access to a library that hosts over 100 games, many of which are playable on their launch days.

It’s a wonder why GameStop’s payment installation plan and Microsoft’s bundle weren’t introduced earlier.


Surprisingly, Sony hasn’t come up with a similar plan to the Xbox All Access or GameStop’s monthly plan. The company was historically stable with its prices, even during blowout sales events.

However, the company hasn’t previously launched a new console during a worldwide pandemic.

Many believe that Sony has to step up their game to keep up with Microsoft.

Their current offer isn’t enough to be a worthy rival to Microsoft’s.



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