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Microsoft announces that their HoloLens 2 are now available for purchase

The first iteration of Microsoft’s HoloLens was a true hit in the world of mixed reality glasses. HoloLens combined the advantages of augmented reality with the ease of use of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10. Some argue that a big part of the technology used in the Microsoft HoloLens can be traced back to Microsoft Kinect, initially introduced as a peripheral mant for gaming on Microsoft based platforms, and the resemblance between the two devices is obvious.

It was good but now it’s better

The HoloLens2 project was presented at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. It followed a similar design to the original headset, but with a sleeker look, larger field of view and vast improvements in the precision of tracking gestures and eye motion.

The build of the device seems simple at first glance, consisting of a pair of transparent lenses which are used to display images according to the user’s needs. An interesting fact is that HoloLens2 is completely standalone, it does not require any sort of external computing device.

The price

While HoloLens 2 is a truly amazing device, its price might bring down popularity for most average users because it costs $3,500.  Of course, the price of the headset is justifiable as it is marketed as an enterprise-level device. The next comparable headset is the Magic Leap One Creator Edition which is more than $1000 cheaper.

Augmented reality is a continuously developing segment and some firmly believe that is the technology of tomorrow, and most workspaces will feature augmented reality devices that should boost productivity and make work a lot easier and enjoyable.



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