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Microsoft Edge – What’s New?

Microsoft is known for its poorly-made web browser, Internet Explorer. Thankfully, the company managed to ditch Internet Explorer and start from scratch with a new replacement.

They came up with Microsoft Edge, which is significantly better at helping users surf the web, and it is often thought of as a decent alternative to Google Chrome.

The browser features many useful quirks and details, but its most significant advantage is the full-fledged developer support.

That means that the browser receives constant updates that introduce new features and improve the overall experience.

A new update was just released for the browser.

About The Update

The new update bears the issue number, and it is available for all Android smartphones.

It has been released via official OTA (over the air) channels, which means that to receive the update, you only need to keep your smartphone connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

If that does not work for your smartphone, you can download the update in the form of an APK (Application Package Kit), but make sure you download it from a secure channel.

New Features

The new update allows users to sign in with a Microsoft Family account to have access to real-time web activity reporting, content filtering, and other security means that boost the browsing security, especially for children.

Also, just like it was the case with any other update, the developer mentioned that some minor bug fixes and slight performance improvements were made.

Rewriting History

It looks like Microsoft is trying its best to fix past mistakes it made with Internet Explorer, which became a worldwide symbol of sluggishness and poor browser performance.

Edge is smooth, responsive, and has a fresh vibe. You should consider giving it a try!

Perhaps the web browser that you are currently using isn’t as good as you want to believe.



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