Microsoft Edge Updates Postponed Due To COVID-19

After Google, Microsoft is going to pause the release of its updates for the new version of the Edge browser. This decision was taken after the company thought about employee health, to be more clear, the company doesn’t want to add more stress than it already is for the employees due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Google will continue to release small programs like security patches for Chrome 80. Because Microsoft decided to follow Google, they will focus their actions on fixing bugs for the Edge browser.

Any software updates need a senior observation, and a non-experienced employee can’t fix itcan’t. Because this procedure includes checking with different operating systems and web applications, a system administrator and IT experts have the responsibility to solve any kind of problem or any bug. Those precautions like adjusted work schedules were taken due to the global circumstances and also to prevent any unwanted health problems as soon as possible.

Microsoft postponed future Edge updates due to COVID-19

Google also made an announcement that the staff is limited, and the workforce is impoverished because of the COVID-19, and they assume that some problems may appear at some apps from Android, they don’t know how or what apps will be affected. Hopefully, they will find a solution to this, and the problems that are coming won’t affect our source of communication.

“We are making this change to be consistent with the Chromium project, which recently announced a similar pause due to adjusted schedules, and out of a desire to minimize additional impact to web developers and organizations that are similarly impacted.”

This was the statement that Microsoft made in a blog: “Even if there are problems and the process is being paused, Microsoft Edge users will benefit from maintenance for the current browser.”

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