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Microsoft Editor Might Conflict With Grammarly When Used Together

Microsoft introduced its latest extension, dubbed Microsoft Editor, during the Microsoft 365 even recently. Later on, the company has also launched the tool for every user, with the basic features at no cost. Microsoft 365 users, however, can use the premium features for enhancing their writing style. However, it might conflict with Grammarly if both apps are turned on.

Microsoft aims to surpass the popularity of Grammarly with its Microsoft Editor. How different will be the new tool we should find in time. Until reports are released, there is another concerning thing. Microsoft Editor sends conflict notifications to those users who work with the Grammarly extension, too. What this means and how to best manage both of the extensions we’ll find out.

Microsoft Editor – Features and Functionality

It appears that the newly released browser extension is sending conflict notifications to users who are working both with Grammarly and Microsoft Editor. The message announced them to turn off Grammarly by accessing their browser extension settings.

“When Grammarly and Editor are both running, their suggestions may overlap or conflict. For the best Editor experience, we recommend turning off Grammarly in your browser’s extension settings,” reads the full message sent by Microsoft Editor.

Microsoft Editor is similar to Grammarly in many ways. For example, Microsoft’s writing assistant verifies across lots of webpages as you type. Microsoft describes the features of its browser extensions as follows:

  • Assistance anywhere you write (Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin, and the rest of the web);
  • Intelligent writing assistance (for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; with premium users receive stylistic feedback on clarity, advanced grammar, formality, vocabulary, conciseness, and many more);
  • Feedback in multiple languages (up to 20+ languages, and spellchecking in 80+);

PC users can download the new Microsoft Editor browser extension in their Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers. The extension is free to download. But, keep in mind to turn off Grammarly when using Microsoft Editor if you prefer the latter.



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