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Microsoft Executive Argues That Developers Will Port PS5 Optimizations To Xbox Series X

Microsoft has spent a lot of time highlighting the impressive tech prowess of the Xbox Series X, as the console comes with several hardware and software optimizations that make it more powerful in comparison to the PS5.

However, a lot of focus has been placed in recent weeks on the storage solution that will be used by Sony for its next console. The SSD found within the PS5 will employ bleeding-edge technology, and many industry sources have argued that it is faster and better than most, if not all, the similar products that can be found on the consumer market at this point.

Acknowledging improvements

During a recent podcast, a high-ranking Microsoft employee who is involved in the HoloLens project, but used to work at the Xbox division, shared his opinion about the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

He argued that the architecture which was developed for the SSD that will be found in the PS5 is quite impressive. It will facilitate the implementation of several benefits for the end-users, including faster load times or seamless transitions in open-world games.

Porting the advantages

The employee also mentioned that while the PS5 may have an advantage at first thanks to the new SSD technology, it is likely that developers will find a way to boost the performance of video games made on both platforms by exploiting some of the new features and adapting them for the Xbox One.

At this point, it is also important to highlight the different choices made by the two manufacturers regarding expansion methods. While the base PS5 SSD will be fast, users will also have the option to use compatible SSDs to store PS4 games, with the performance being lower. On the other hand, Microsoft decided to opt for a proprietary storage solution that promises consistent performance when the SSDs are swapped.

Only time will tell which console will be more powerful and more popular.



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