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Microsoft Plans To Boost The Security Of Chromium Browsers

Modern browsers, among which we can count Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox offer the convenient ability to save fillable data. This feature allows users to sign-in and completes certain fields with a single click.

However, it some cases, it may lead to some problems. You can’t use it on a shared computer since other users will have the option to access your accounts without problems. Many phishing websites attempt to convince the browser to hand over your credentials in an attempt to collect valuable data, with credit card information being the most desirable bounty.

There also websites that carry harmful malware, which can be injected into a PC when it is accessed. The malware will scan the browser files and send back credentials in the form of a text document that can be sold on the black market.

Microsoft to improve security on Chromium browsers

Some entities have proposed the use of a master password as an alternate solution that could boost security. While at first sight, it may appear to be a viable solution, this is not the case if it is not seconded by a secure encryption system.

To reduce the potential security vulnerabilities among Chromium browsers, Microsoft has proposed the use of an OS reauthentication hook within the Chromium autofill path. This implementation will recycle the OS reauthentication logic that is already present with the Chromium password manager when passwords are being examined or exported. An additional content setting will determine the amount of time during which a successful reauthentication will be deemed to be valid.

The authentication logic that is already implemented in the case of the Windows 10 OS will be harnessed to reinforce the master password feature in the case of all fields that will make use of the autofill function. For now, the feature will be implemented across Windows 10 devices, but it may be extended in the future.



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