Microsoft Releases A Fix For The 5GHz WiFi Connectivity Issue

Microsoft is known for its regular upgrades, firmware updates for the Surface family, and new driver launches. It could sometimes happen for something to go wrong and damage the functionality. Recently, an issue occurred when Microsoft launched updates for various Surface devices, such as Surface Pro 5, the first Surface Book, and the Surface Laptop version.

The updates came with some enhancements for the Bluetooth and the WiFi connectivity. Users complained that after the install, the troubled driver upgrades “Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. – Net – 15.68.17013.110,” causing them to no longer make the connection to the 5GHz band WiFi. Also, the Surface users got “Unable to connect to this network,” error message, when they tried to connect to the WiFi. And even if this issue had been reported, Microsoft seemed to take too long for a fix.

Microsoft Starts The Driver Upgrade To Fix The 5GHz WiFi Connectivity Issue

If you encountered such an issue with the troubled driver, don’t worry because you’ll get help soon. Microsoft had finally found a way to fix this. Developers began to roll out a solution for the Surface WiFi connectivity issue. Some users reported that the driver updates fixed already the problem for them. According to the last reports, the driver update was launched for Slow Ring Insiders the previous week. Now it looks like the Redmond had gradually begun to start the upgrade for every user.

“Just want to report that with 15.68.17017.115 9/25/2019 has fixed my problem with Surface Book 2. I can now connect with 2.4 or 5G now,” said one enthusiastic user in a recent report. If you encountered such an issue at your device, and it seems you can get away out of this, there are some steps that you should follow. Check the driver update in the Windows Update area. After the driver is installed, you will find the Controller in the Device Manager section.

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