Microsoft Slams App Store Cloud Gaming Changes

After a significant amount of negative feedback in recent months, Apple has decided to update the App Store guidelines, and there are a few notable changes, including some related to game streaming services, as they weren’t allowed in the past.

While at first sight, the changes will offer companies like Microsoft and Google the ability to bring their popular video games streaming services to iOS and iPadOS, Apple is still quite adamant about exerting control over what can or can’t be deemed to be acceptable content.

Not enough

According to the new section related to game streaming services, companies who wish to this will have to offer the games in the form of apps that can be downloaded individualy from the App Store. The need to develop separate clients for each game might not seem complicated, but it is, especially since hub-like apps would be limited to offering links to individual apps.Apple will also review and approve or reject individual games.

The move was slammed by Microsoft, with a company representative arguing that people want access to a full library, which contains all their games instead of the ability to download tens of apps so they can enjoy their favorite games.

Money issues

It is also quite easy to observe that money is at the root of the decision, as offering the games in the form of individual apps would allow Apple to collect a 30% cut, which has been the cause behind several recent controversies.

Microsoft has also mentioned that Apple fails to impose the same rules for all developers since apps that offer the ability to stream music or movies aren’t affected by rules tied to in-app purchases. At this point, it is not clear if xCloud will return to iPhones in a new form.

xCloud will be available as a component of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from September15.

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