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Microsoft Surface Earbuds – Here’s Why You Should Get Them

Microsoft has announced a suite of Surface devices back in October, and those included a brand new audio option, which comes with the Surface Earbuds.

These earbuds were supposed to be released in 2019, but the Microsoft chief product officer, who is Panos Panay, recently confirmed that their launch was pushed back to Spring 2020 all around the globe – March through May for the southern hemisphere. Panos announced the delay in a tweet.

Many people responded on Twitter, and the comments were positive about this choice of the company. It’s better to delay them rather than launching them in a sub-part state. With this being stated, the company needs to keep in mind that the Surface Earbuds need to be done well. They will probably have a price of $249, which is more expensive than the best wireless earbuds there. They’re just as expensive as the Apple AirPods Pro.

Here’s Why Microsoft Surface Earbuds Might Be Great

These earbuds can be used for so many things. For example, the dual-microphones on each bud can cancel the background noise when you’re taking calls or talking to a digital assistant. The earbuds are also good with dictation. There are also some touch gestures on the round surface of the buds.

The Surface Earbuds will also come with support for devices that run on Windows 10, iOS 9 and up, Android 4.4 and up. These are many devices that support the features of the earbuds. They are part of Microsoft doing everything right for their users.

Even if the delay is happening, the Surface Earbuds are amazing. Their battery life is of 8 hours, and they have two full charges in the case. We are also mentioning the fast charging for an hour of playtime in 10 minutes, and in 15 minutes, three hours of playtime.



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