Microsoft Teams To Increase its Group Video Call Limit Soon

Microsoft decided to increase the number of users that can be in a group call when using Microsoft Teams. This app can now host 250 members. The number of users in a video call will also be increased very soon. At the moment, Microsoft Teams video call feature can host 80 users, but the company is looking to change that by the middle of May 2020.

This app’s competitors are Google Meet and Zoom, who can host a larger number of members in one video conferencing. However, Microsoft Teams is going to upgrade its number of users that can participate in a video call, which will line it with the other two big apps.

Soon enough, 100 users will be able to participate in a group call on Microsoft Teams. The latest update is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused people to be on lockdown. According to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, Microsoft Teams app now has 75 million users.

Future plans for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft already confirmed that the number limit of members in a group video call would be increased. This improvement was acknowledged by first, but the point is that all users of the app will receive this update very soon.

Of course, this change will benefit the large companies that have lots of employees, plus, the free users will also get a better call service. Free users will be able to participate in a group call of up to 20 people.

But the benefits are not over yet. Paid users of the company will be able to access scheduled meetings, meeting recordings, phone calls, and audio conferencing in Microsoft Teams. Plus, they will also get 1TB of storage. However, Microsoft is also offering the free customers a 1GB and 10GB of shared storage. It is good to see this app’s popularity rising. It is good to have options for our demands.

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