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Microsoft Teams vs. BlueJeans vs. Zoom vs. Google Meet – Best Interface and Security Comparison

The whole Covid-19 situation struck the world by surprise, and it introduced a multitude of changes in the way we live and work.

As people had to stay home, workspaces shifted from the office to the virtual space. That also means that communication tools like video conferencing apps had to be pushed into the mainstream.

However, that created an unexpected question – Which tool is the better choice? We’ll show you a quick comparison between four of the most popular options in video conferencing apps.


Simplicity is important. Shifting to online work was easy for some, but less intuitive for others.

BlueJeans packs a clean interface with simple options for scheduling, joining, and creating meetings. It’s easy to find the options for sharing your screen, recording, and various view options.

Zoom’s interface feels a bit cluttered in terms of interface and user-friendliness. Joining and starting a meeting is still simple, though.

Google Meet is the most minimalist out of the bunch in the matter of UI and interface. Scheduling is straightforward. The same goes for starting and joining a meeting. Other complicated features are available on other apps from the Google suite, like Calendar.

Microsoft teams features a complete package – Chat, Calendar, timeline, calls, and so on. However, it is the most complicated out of the bunch, and it feels counterintuitive at times. Microsoft solved many of its issues thanks to a multitude of updates.


BlueJeans features encryption. Only invited participants can enter a meeting with a one-time password that can be transmitted via email confirmation or logging into a custom BlueJeans account.

Zoom suffered from severe backlash this year due to its poor security service. It has improved significantly since then, but the damage to its image is done. Zoom 5.0 features many security reworks that include AES 256-bit GCM encryption, which is extremely difficult to crack. 2FA authentication is available.

Data from Google Meet is encrypted in transit. The service also encrypts Meet recordings stored in Google Drive. Anonymous users aren’t granted access to meetings.

Microsoft Teams imposes an organization-wide and team-wide two-factor authentication, single sign-on via Active Directory, and enhanced encryption of data in transit.


Pricing is one of the essential aspects when you introduce a video conferencing service to an organization.

BlueJeans features three months for free in India. After those three months, the service is priced in three tiers, but the company hasn’t made them public yet.

Zoom has a free tier limited to 4e0-minute calls and no recording.

The Pro variant starts from $14.99 monthly per user. Zoom Business is available for $19.99 per month and can host up to 300 members instead of only 100.

Google Meet used to be part of the paid Google Suite but is free now. The recording feature can only be used by those who have access to the full-fledged, produced Google Suite.

Microsoft offers Teams as part of the Office suite, meaning that users have to subscribe to the Office 365 suite.

That starts at Rs 125 per month for the basic plan. The regular business plan costs Rs 660, and the E3 plan costs Rs 1,320 per month.

Teams offers a free tier that can be accessed by anybody with an email address.



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