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Microsoft Teams Will Bring Many Features Soon: Together Mode Scenes, Customization Options, and More

Microsoft Teams is getting ready to bring a ton of sleek new Zoom-competing features.

The social platform will introduce some fun new features that allow users to pretend their daily meetings are more meaningful. The upcoming features were announced today (September 24) during Microsoft’s Ignite 2020 developer event. Here is what you need to know.

A New Microsoft Teams Experience is Ready to Launch

All the new features are covered in detail on Microsoft’s blog post. But the most intriguing thing here is that the rows of squares containing users’ contacts will be a lot more dynamic and exciting to look at and interact. 

The newly announced Together mode scenes are also the most visually attractive incoming changes. Such an update will allow you to transpose your webcam footage into a picture of a more relaxed environment, like a coffee shop, lecture theater, and so on. 

Related to that is the way to customize meeting layouts. Microsoft offers the example of placing your camera feed in front of your presentation slides, allowing you to present everything you want more personally than ever. 

The meetings can also be divided into sub-groups, or as Microsoft call them, “breakout rooms.” You’ll be able to keel all your colleagues on a single call, but send them away to talk things in separate rooms, then call them back again when it’s time.

Could it Be Better Than That?

Yes, it can! A useful new feature for those who can’t attend a meeting is the Meeting Recap. Such a thing offers a recording, chat messages, transcript, and all the shared files into a single place. You won’t miss a thing, and at the next meeting, you’ll be ready to give your best.

As for the meeting capacity, the platform will be able to support up to 1,000 users, and 20,000 allowed for view-only meetings. More details about the biggest update Teams is ready to roll out will be available in the coming weeks.  




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