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Microsoft warns us! Here’s why 900 million users are at risk

Users of the Microsoft Windows operating systems have got acquainted with the monthly “Patch Tuesday” update cycle combined with the disclosure of typical vulnerabilities that are impacting their systems it brings. Many of us have experienced an update doing more bad than good. The problem is that we usually make a very bad choice of postponing Windows updates or not even install them at all. However, Microsoft says that you should reactivate or install the updates as soon as possible because of “an extraordinarily serious security vulnerability”.

The vulnerability

The problem affects a core cryptographic component of Windows 10. Users should keep in mind that this specific component is present in pretty much all the versions of Windows: Windows 8, Windows 7 and even Windows XP.

The vulnerability is so severe that it is rumored that some U.S. military and high-value web infrastructure targets have been shipped the fix earlier than the rest of us in a very secretive manner so that the vulnerability itself won’t be disclosed too soon. 

What is it though?

If you are already worried, that is good. You must go ahead and update your system. However, almost nobody knows what this whole mess is all about. Nevertheless, the fact that even the NSA was implied and recognized the vulnerability as a very serious threat only makes it sound all more dangerous. 

There will be an explanation regarding the hole situation but at the moment it is too soon to make assumptions. 



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