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Microsoft Windows 10 — Bluetooth 5.2 Upgrade Could Bring New Features

Microsoft has in its plan to add a new standard that can benefit from the latest Bluetooth 5.2 directly from the Windows 10 OS. These new features, if they are inserted correctly, they should boost performance and also improve the range and reduce how much power is consumed.

Given the fact that Microsoft has insisted on the higher standards of security, we believe that the new Bluetooth features will also use a secure connection to communicate with supporting hardware.

The latest test version of Windows 10, which was only made available to the preview audience, and it was part of the Windows 10 Insider program, also had something to do with the latest Bluetooth standard 5.2. Even if none of these features can be simply activated through some software tricks, it’s clear that Microsoft can make the Bluetooth range better, and that’s not all – also the performance, reliability, and the security of the wireless connection.

Bluetooth 5.2 Upgrade Could Bring New Features In Microsoft Windows 10

We know that the next major feature update coming for Windows 10 will be released this spring, and it will come with some new improvements. But perhaps they will also release Windows 10 20H1 update with the integration of the Bluetooth EATT.

We have heard that the latest preview version contains references to Bluetooth EATT, from the 19541 version. we have also heard that specific references to “BluetoothEattPdus” and “BluetoothGattRobustCaching” were discovered in Windows 10 builds. But the features simply could not be activated, even if there were a few attempts.

Microsoft has been improving a lot when it comes to the ability of a Windows 10 PC to connect with the Bluetooth. Many new features revolve around Bluetooth that was built especially for Windows 10. However, not all of them actually got to be in the stable version of the operating system from Microsoft. More details to be revealed!



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