Microsoft’s Improved Video Calling Feature For The Surface Pro X Is Impressive!

Microsoft has tried to retain a touch of exclusivity with its Surface lineup.

When the company presented the Surface Pro X last year, they showcased a function that was specific to the device.

Currently, Microsoft has rolled out EyeProtect, which enhances video calling quality.

The Feature Explained

The features comes in handy for users of the Surface Pro X thanks to advanced AI tech.

With the EyeProtect function, users’ eyes always remain pointed to the camera.

Here’s how Microsoft describes the feature:

“Powered by artificial intelligence capabilities of the Microsoft SQ1(TM) processor, Eye Contact helps to adjust your gaze on video calls, so you appear to be looking directly in the camera on your Surface Pro X.”

The feature was first made available to members of the Windows Insider program.

Now, it is released for regular Surface Pro X users, too!

Users can manually disable the feature from the Surface settings on their device.

The feature will work with Microsoft applications like Teams, Skype, and others.

As video calling is slowly becoming the norm for office meetings in remote work conditions, Eye Contact sounds tempting for many users.

That being said, we hope that Microsoft will introduce the feature to other devices too. Also, we’d love to see it open source to get added to other platforms too, but that is unlikely to happen shortly.

Apple’s Response

Microsoft isn’t the only company that works on such features.

Apple is reportedly testing its so-calledFaceTime Attention Correction, which works in a similar manner.

Though it wasn’t included in iOS 13 this year, it will probably be featured in iOS 14.

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