Minecraft Bedrock PS4 – Bugs And Launch Issues

Minecraft Bedrock was recently launched for the PlayStation 4. While many gamers are enjoying the provided experience, some issues have been reported.

Here are some of the main problems:

issues

Many PS4 players experienced issues signing into the Bedrock version of Minecraft. Here is the official tweet from @MojangStatus:

The issue seems to have been resolved for the moment, but still, some users continue experiencing malfunctions.

Minecraft Earth problems

Some PS4 players experience incompatibility problems between signing into the Bedrock version and accessing their progress from Minecraft Earth.

Some gamers report that the problem has been fixed, but others still encounter the issue. Perhaps a patch was released, but it is rolled out gradually.

@MojangStatus was quick to follow with a post regarding the problem:

“Minecraft Bedrock – PS4 only: If you have not yet linked your Microsoft account to your PSN, you may do so now without impact to your Minecraft Earth account. However, content on PSN will not roam to other Bedrock devices and vice versa for the time being. – HZ”

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