Minecraft: Bedrock Version Beta Fixes Many Nether Update Bugs!

Everybody was expecting Minecraft developers to release a new beta version that would introduce more bug fixes and improvements to the game, and that’s precisely what happened this week!

Version beta is available for beta testers of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition at the moment, and it further improves the Nether Update with some extra fixes that enhance the update’s growing changelog!

Here’s what was changed:

Structure Blocks

The name field from the structure block 3D Export screen was removed.

Structure loading/saving doesn’t affect ticking blocks in nearby chunks anymore.

The reset button not re-rendering the wireframe bounding box issue was addressed.

Incorrect chunk position calculation for block changes that happen during the structure block preview window was fixed.


End gateways now accurately determine to the center block when looking for an exit position.

Water and lava textures can be seen after placing Slime blocks or Honey blocks in their proximity.

Crops and plants now grow consistently when they are near chunk borders.

Technical / Commands

The algorithm that determines whether or not an entity can be summoned was fixed.

Players can now summon an entity using the execute command, which was previously disabled because of the bug.

Fixed particles when using animation controllers to play particles and switching to a different state that also runs particles.


As you can see, the list of patches is quite generous.

Those continuous bug fix releases for the Nether Update are introduced as we wait for the game’s next update to be revealed, which we hope will be soon!

Meanwhile, you can try to enroll in the Minecraft beta program if you wish to be among the first to access the latest Minecraft patches and updates!

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