Minecraft Bedrock vs. Java – Quick Comparison: Modding and Cross-Platform Gameplay

Everybody knows what Minecraft is. The game kept on breaking records and getting increasingly better since it was released ten years ago.

There are two versions you can get when it comes to the game, but if you want both of them, you’ll have to purchase each of them individually.

The version that can be downloaded from the official Minecraft website is known as the Java edition, while the one available on the Microsoft Store is called the Bedrock edition.

Picking one of the two can be a tough job, especially if you want to play with friends, as you all have to be on the same version.

However, some differences impact solo gameplay, so we are here to show you the main differences between them.


Though the Bedrock edition features add-ons, it comes with other paid content

On the other hand, the Java edition lets you install mods that are available for free!

Therefore, if you want to heavily mod your game, you should undoubtedly go for the Java edition.

Cross-Platform Gameplay

If you want to run the game on different platforms, then the Bedrock version is what you need. It features cross-platform multiplayer modes on plenty of devices, including consoles, Windows 10, and mobile devices.

The Java edition only works on PC.

However, if you want to play Bedrock on PC, mobile, and console, you need to purchase a copy for each system.

Which One Should You Choose?

Your playstyle is crucial when you pick a Minecraft version. The Bedrock edition suits most casual players, as it’s simpler to use and more stable. Also, the fact that you can play with others on different platforms is very great news, one of the most significant advantages of using that edition.

However, if you feel like modding the game, go for the Java edition.

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