Minecraft Dungeons is Available Now: Blocky Dungeoneering

Minecraft is a juggernaut hit as more than 100 million copies have been solved, and the title is available across an impressive number of platforms.

The Survival Mode features a plethora of RPG elements that have encouraged many people to envision how Minecraft would have looked as an RPG. Mojang, the developer behind the title, surprised many fans when it announced Minecraft Dungeons, an interesting ARPG that blends the charismatic look of Minecraft with lightweight ARPG mechanics that offer a solid experience.

Blocky dungeoneering

Minecraft Dungeons is far from being a daunting, time-consuming adventure. Players will have the opportunity to explore nine biomes, with each of them being focused around a central theme.The number of actual dungeons is not as large as the title may infer, but there is more than enough to do and explore.

Each location also has a distinctive trait that sets it apart in comparison to the others. For example, Redstone Mines is filled with speedy minecarts, which rush across a large number of tracks. Let one of them hit you while traversing an area, and you will lose a significant amount of health.

Familiar yet refreshing

Minecraft fans will enjoy a large number of references and elements that are present in the main game. Many of the enemies and locations will be familiar, and there are some fun easter eggs that can be uncovered as you play.

A smart difficulty system will offer several ways of playing the game, either alone or with friends via online and local multiplayer. The difficulty of a dungeon will be buffed if other players enter the fray, and a three-lives system will offer the chance to try again if you die. Wipes may be disappointing, but the damage that has been dealt to the boss will remain unless everybody losses all of their lives.

While far from being as in-depth as most popular ARPG titles, the game is a solid choice that can be shared with family and friends.

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