Minecraft Forge Update – A Must to Install Minecraft Mods on PC, Mac, iOS and Android

If you are a passionate player and fan of Minecraft, we are sure you want some new features into the game and some changes. Well, if the answer is yes, then we can help you with how to install mods on your game and change what you wish too. You will use Minecraft Forge, and with it, you can add the features and change settings for excellent gameplay. The mods are available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

The first thing to look at is that you will need the Java Edition of Minecraft on your device. This means the users that play the game on PC or Mac because if you play on Xbox or PlayStation, you are playing the Bedrock version. What you can do is play it on your phone, both Android and iOS, and tweak it.

Returning to the Java version of the game, you must download and install Minecraft Forge, as we mentioned earlier. You can download the app from their site and watch for the latest version. Also, you can go with the recommended one, but the most recent version has new features, and it’s also not that stable. After the download is complete, install the program and chose the version, and a JAR file will save to your device.

Besides this, every computer will warn you about the file you are trying to install, so give allow anyway. When you proceed with the install process, take note to select Install Client. After that, you are ready to go and install the mods you want. You can search for them on Minecraft Mods on the Internet, or Curse Forge, another great site.

Finally, after you have searched, chosen, and installed your mods, put them in them into the Minecraft Mods folder and enter the game. There select the Forge profile, and click the Mods button. All the mods downloaded by you will appear. Select them and play.

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