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Minecraft iOS Update 1.13.0 – How To Fix This Common Problem

Many iOS users reported that Minecraft update 1.13 broke their game.

For many people, the game crashes before the Mojang logo is displayed.

The developer is working on fixing the newly-appeared issues. In the meantime, members of the vast Minecraft community figured some handy workarounds that seem to fix the problem for some users momentarily.

How to access the game

Here are some techniques that might help you enter the game worth trying out:

Make sure you have a stable internet connection and start the game. Wait for about ten seconds and check if realms or “Try realms free” with your username are loaded on the top of the list in the world selection screen. If so, then you can safely play the game, and worlds will successfully load. The game most likely won’t crash for a while, but at some point, it will show in the pause menu that your Microsoft account has been disconnected.

If you get an empty frame or a “could not connect to realms” message, then you have to swipe down the quick access for Wi-Fi or other internet sources for your device and disable them while Minecraft rounds in the foreground. The chances are that now you can load your world and play realms. If not, repeat this step for a few more times.

Ultimately, you can try reinstalling the game. It might do the trick for you, even if it’s not the most accessible alternative.

Common Minecraft Problems:



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