Minecraft Pocket Edition on PC – How To Download And Install

Minecraft Pocket Edition was initially made for consoles and PC, but with time, the devs extended it to Android, as well. There are so many features that Android users can make the most out of. We know that this is one of the most popular games out there that include sandbox graphics.

Minecraft is one popular game

You can create your own game and your own rules. The interface is quite easy to understand, too. The capabilities are almost the same as those on Minecraft for PC, but you do get expansive MODs and Maps, also, if you want.

Most people think these two are the same, but you can clearly see the differences once you start playing. The inventory menu for the Minecraft Pocket Edition version allows you to build pretty much everything. You can collect coal and wood, and with the many MODs, you can get unlimited coins and amazing skins and add-ons, too.

How to download and install Minecraft Pocket Edition on PC?

To get the Minecraft Pocket Edition, you need to download the application. First, you need to download the best Android emulator you can find out there: Bluestacks.

It works on Windows 7, 8, or 10, and Mac. After you get the emulator in your download folder, run the installer and follow the instructions to install Bluestacks on your computer. Then, you need to go to the desktop home screen and open the app.

You can find the Minecraft Pocket Edition there (or only Minecraft on Google Play Store). Install the game and start it from the emulator, and then you only need to create your own account.

Minecraft Pocket Edition features

  • Minecraft add-ons: you can customize your add-ons or even create your own. You can also customize the settings for the type of terrain and the length of the day.
  • Minecraft Marketplace: you can get access to maps, skins, and mods, all the best for you and your gameplay.

The original Minecraft game inspires the graphics and the overall gameplay of Minecraft Pocket Edition, so the title is excellent for every Minecraft fan out there.

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