Mixer will be shut down in July

Microsoft’s foray into the world of video games streaming seems to have hit rock bottom as the Redmond giant announced that Mixer would be shut down on July 22.  The company has signed a deal with Facebook to shift current Mixer streamers and partners to Facebook Gaming.

Mixer was marketed as an alternative to Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming. Still, it didn’t manage to raise enough interest from the public. At the same time, a sizeable community surfaced but overall numbers behind targets by an upper margin. This factor played an important role in the decision to cull the platform.

Shifting to another service

According to an official press release provided by Microsoft, the transition will take place in the following weeks, as Mixer streamers and fans will move to Facebook Gaming. From July 22, all Mixer websites and apps will redirect users to Facebook Gaming.

Current Mixer Partners will receive partner status on Facebook Gaming, and streamers who enjoy the Mixer monetization plan will also be eligible for Facebook’s Level-Up program. It was also mentioned that Mixer members with Ember balances, active channel subs, or Mixer Pro plans would receive Xbox gift card balance.

Preparing for xCloud

The decision to partner with Facebook is quite inspired, as the social media platform enjoys more than 2 billion active users everyt month. Microsoft and Facebook will bring xCloud to Facebook users, with one of the perks being the ability to launch a video game played by a streamer on your own machine with a few clicks.

While Microsoft tried to recruit more users by securing exclusive streaming deals with popular personalities like Ninja and Shroud, the public interest remained low. It is also worth noting that the exlcusive deals will expire when Mixer closes, which means that the streamers are free to move to Facebook Gaming or return to other platforms.

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