Mobile Legends Update Brings New Hero And Fresh Content

In recent years smartphones have become a trusted gaming companion for many people across all over the world. Mobile games have also evolved at a fast pace, which offers a thrilling experience even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

Mobile Legends is an exciting MOBA game that captures all the elements that have made the genre a  popular hit among millions of players from all over the world. Enter the fray and wage battle against the team of enemy players to showcase your skill!

Timeless MOBA Experience

Take a leap and jump into intense 5V5 battles with and against real humans. Select your favorite hero and complement the team to pave your way towards victory. With lightning-fast matchmaking and 10-minute battles, it is easy to play and dominate the game via jungling, laning, team battles, and more.

Assemble the ultimate team by being able to peak from an impressive number of roles, including tanks, mages, marksmen, support and more. Plan moves in advance, communicate with teammates, and conduct joint attacks to take the enemy by surprise and wipe their team in seconds.

Fair and balanced

As in the case of classic MOBA titles, Mobile Legends is well balanced, and there is no pay to win mechanics. The better team will win with the help of wits and skills, offering endless entertainment and true sportsmanship as there is no way to gain an edge by paying real-world money.

Optimized controls will offer a fluid experience, and only two fingers are needed to play the game. When the connection, your team remains vulnerable in other titles, but Mobile Legends features a smart re-connection system that will get you back into the game while an AI will use your character to provide support for your teammates.

The latest update for the game,, comes with a new playable hero, new and old skins, and a reworked Ravage mode.

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