Modern Combat 5 FPS 5.6.0g Update Brings New Themed Items

First-person shooter games have been a hit among players since the original Doom landed on PCs in 1993, offering an exciting gameplay experience that placed the foundation of a genre along with Wolfenstein 3D.

Modern Combat 5 brings high-stakes FPS action on PCs, allowing players to enjoy a remarkable gameplay experience. Since its first release, Modern Combat has pushed mobile FPS games to the limit, and the fifth entry in the series comes with awesome features.

Explosive features

Answer the call of the battlefield end enter the fray in a superb first-person shooter title that blends impressive graphics, awesome mechanics, and advanced weaponry into an intoxicating mix. Choose between nine wildly different classes and shoot down the competition alone or with your friends. An awesome single-player story will offer hours of entertainment, rivaling triple-A campaigns offered by console and PC games.

Master and personalize each of the nine classes according to your preference, and compete in online and solo modes. Will you hunt enemies from a distance as a sniper, mow them down with the Heavy, maximize the potential of modular weapons used by the X1-Morph? These are only a few possibilities.

Awesome gameplay

Explore the solo campaign, which offers a thrilling storyline and exotic locations from all over the world, including Tokyo and Venice. Spec Op missions will offer a real challenge and an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

Dive into the robust online multiplayer, which includes awesome online matches and the opportunity to engage in eSports competitions that can offer valuable rewards. Have fun with your friends in action-filled Squad vs. Squad matches and rise to the top of the learderboards to become the best in the world and earn exclusive items.

The latest update for the game, 5.6.0g, brings new Pacific Warrior and Forest themed items as well as a new splash screen and other improvements.

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