Modern Combat 5 Update 4.4.0h Adds New Weapons

The FPS video games genre is one of the older and most popular video games in the genre, having been brought into the limelight several decades ago by titles like Doom. Smartphone owners can enjoy a large variety of FPS games on their smartphones, but few are as good as Modern Combat 5.

High-adrenaline shooting

Modern Combat has raised the bar for FPS games on smartphone devices since the first game in the series was released, and the fifth one places a large focus on excellent multiplayer events, great graphics, and solid map design.

Awesome shooting action

Enter the fray and enjoy an impressive shooting experience as you climb on the leaderboards alone or with friends. Score critical shots to turn the tides and win matches. A dedicated battle royale mode will offer a thrilling fight for survival as 70 players enter, but only some will stay alive.

Want to take a break from multiplayer? Engage in a deep single-player campaign that will take you to exotic locations from all over the world. Fast-paced story missions will offer an immersive experience, and the adrenaline-filled Spec Ops will test your wits and reflex as you aim to complete the goal.

Lots of content

More than ten unique classes await, each with their playstyle and feature. Pick between the Assault, Heavy, Recon, Support, Sapper, Bounty Hunter, Kommander, Marauder, Morph, or Tracker. Or master all of them to have more flexibility for team compositions and in combat.

Play free matches or finish campaign missions to level up and unlock fresh content, including high-tier weapons and consumables that can be used on the battlefield. Uograde and customize your favorite weapons according to your wishes and create a loadout that complements your playstyle.

The new 4.4.0h update comes with more prizes for the bonus event and new weapons. Download any APK updates from a secure source.

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