Monster Legends 10.0.6 Update Adds New Improvements

Many mobile gamers love titles that offer a mix between actions and tactics as they can challenge your ability to make quick decisions, make combat plans and strategies, and engage in fun and interesting real-time fights.

Accept the challenge and enter the world of Monster Legends, where you can collect, feed, and train hundreds of powerful monsters. Assemble the ultimate team and showcase your skills as you fight in a high-stakes battle where power isn’t enough as you also need a winning strategy to beat your opponents and become the ultimate champion.

Assemble your team

Find and collect more than 700 unique monsters, each with their own skills and abilities. Breed the most powerful ones to discover new elemental combinations and rarities that can give you an edge against your opponents. Participate in awesome events to create incredible monsters climb your way towards the Mythic rarity.

A series of RPG elements will provide a smooth, and interesting gameplay experience as monsters will earn experience from battles and level up. Take them to the Monster Lab to make them even better and enhance their combat capabilities with Gems and Relics.

Ready to fight

Get ready to fight and prove your skills across several multiplayer modes. Live Duels will offer the opportunity to create powerful monsters on the spots and wage battles against other Monster Masters. Join hardcore PvP battles in the Multiplayer Mode and earn valuable rewards as you climb to the Top Leagues. Fight in a team with your friends in Team Wars to obtain coveted rewards from the Team Shop.

Taking care of monsters requires dedicated sanctuaries, and players can create the ultimate playground for their monsters as the built Habitats Temples and special buildings that offer additional bonuses.

The 10.0.6 update comes with new performance improvements and bug fixes that enhance the gameplay experience.

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