Most Important Topics Covered in CompTIA A+ Certification Exams and Why Practice Tests Can Help Cover Them

The CompTIA A+ certification can be obtained if you have successfully passed two exams. The first one has code 220-1001. Once you have passed it, you will need to take 220-1002 test. If you are successful in this one too, you will become A+ certified. Both exams have several particularities and a quite high level of difficulty. For you to know what to expect from these two assessments, we have created this post. Keep reading this article and discover more about the most important topics that you will need to solve during the certification process for Exam-Labs.

CompTIA A+ Certification Process Objectives

New 220-1001 and 220-1002 tests focus on virtualization, cloud topics, and operating systems. You will also discover questions that gauge your knowledge of different operating procedures, software & network troubleshooting, and security. The vendor’s experts understood that technology is changing at a rapid pace and if they want to keep their popularity status, they need to keep their candidates updated and prepared to meet the highest expectations at their workplace. So, the most important concepts covered in CompTIA Certification & 220-1002 tests are the following:

  • management of cloud-based applications and virtual desktops;
  • internal and external shared resources;
  • services dedicated to cloud file-storage;
  • dedicated applications for off-site emailing;
  • troubleshooting core services;
  • supporting fundamental IT infrastructure.

Thus, you should gain a strong knowledge of how to manage and develop different digital and physical security practices to ace the two exams. For instance, you will understand what the principle of “at least privilege” means and how to implement it to improve the company’s productivity. You will also discover questions that test your knowledge of social engineering and the basic concepts of workstation security.

As you can see, the CompTIA A+ Certification included in both exams cover a wide range of concepts. This means that you should take things seriously and concentrate on understanding each topic as much as possible. Fortunately, the vendor has developed a wide library of preparation materials to help you find answers to all your questions. The final stage of your training process should include practice tests. They will help you evaluate yourself and identify whether there are any topics that you need to study more. Thus, you eliminate the risk of going to the real exams and fail because you were not used to their structure and difficulty level. The best platforms for reliable practice tests are PrepAway, ExamSnap, ExamCollection, and CompTIA Network+ Certification.


The CompTIA A+ accreditation is an important foundation for a successful career in IT. Even though you have strong practical experience and know-how to handle different systems and features, you can overpass your competition if you manage to get Network+ N10-007. Also, you shouldn’t forget that the success in both exams is determined by your motivation and how you shape your preparation process. Thus, you should carefully assess each training solution and use it according to your preparation needs and style of learning. You can opt for recorded videos or study guides. Still, you shouldn’t forget about practice tests which will help you understand the tests’ topics from a practical perspective and discover which topics you need to study more.

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